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When therapeutic hypnosis meets infertility, conception, pregnancy and painfree birth

A small journey.

Therapeutic hypnosis history is literally lost in the beginnings of time. It is registered in different areas all over the world: references of hypnosis are found in Hebrew scrolls, in texts in India and ancient Egypt along with the ancient Greece. Especially in Greece, in the holy temples of Asclepius (Asklipeia) but also in other therapeutic temples, the pilgrims experienced the “egkoimis”: a therapeutic sleep, during which, a lucid apocalyptic dream offered information about the appropriate course of therapy.

Get acquainted with your teenage child!

Dear Parents! Today, through this article we will try to give some basic information about adolescence, and how are the usual relationships and behaviors created between the teen and his/her parents. Firstly, adolescence is the period that usually begins at the end of our childhood, around the age of 11-13 (pre- adolescence) and ends where adulthood begins, approximately when we are 17 to 18 years old.


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Book Presentation: "PARENTS' SUFFERINGS"

This article is only in Greek. Sorry! 


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