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Shortly before the end of 2016, another issue of "Psychological Opinions" magazine is ready. 


In this issue you can read an interesting article by Dimitra Didangelou about therapeutic- expressive writing. Beyond a creative way of expression, it helps to understand the past, gives meaning to the present. Also, it improves performance, sociability and self-confidence. If not convinced, read the twelve reasons of why it is worth facing the blank page.


Likewise, Petros Theodorou wonders and gives possible reasons for the overestimation tendency in partnership. Referring to to internal demons and traumas, as we try to rest up through togetherness, the need of Other to cover all our realistic and implied needs, and to the de-evaluation of sex and sexuality, as secondary importance expressions.  


Furthermore, in an in-depth article by Constantinos Mantzikos you can be informed about a topic that unfortunately is still topical and how it relates to depression. Bullying, usually expressed with school violence, is an intentional act to cause physical or mental pain and subjugation of the victim. In his article, beyond the symptoms to which bullying is associated, numerous ways to address them are also stated.


Finally, we present a book that covers a wide range of issues around sex, as indicated by the title of "100 small truths about sex", by Evi Kyrana, Fylatos Publishing. Only in Greek Version


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Happy reading!


12 reasons to start journal writing

How writing can have positive impact in our lives

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
- Anais Nin

Why is a long-term relationship often over-charged with expectations

It seems that in our days the intimate long-term relationships acquire a special and perhaps exaggerated  value, often resulting in a model of a “super-relationship” that if one fails to achieve feels failure and inadequacy. However, is this kind of relationship truly “the best”? Maybe this overvaluation connects with other psychological phenomena?


Bullying and Depression in Children

In recent years bullying is a phenomenon that serious consequences in the school communities. The significance of this phenomenon in children is quite serious both physically and psychologically (Pernille, Holstein, Lynch, Diderichsen, Gabhain, Scheidt, & Currie, 2005; Sansone & Sansone, 2008). In addition it could have serious impact on school performance of affected students.


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