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We are going through a convoluted spring weather, coordinated with the ambivalent feelings of the era and society yet we continue to always look on the bright side.


In this issue we have an article by Elisavet Tseliou about divorce mediation, how couples that are separating can resolve their differences extrajudicial.


Furthermore, the known psychotherapist Harlene Anderson, talks about the art of active listening and speech therapy with the article: “Listen, Hear, Speak”.


The writer Sophia Nikolaidou delivers "10 small but valuable lessons from chemotherapy" through her personal adventure.


Also, Gina Thanopoulou, psychologist, gives advice on "How can a woman deal with the crisis and be a winner" in her up-to-date article.


Antigone Oreopoulou writes about treating infertility through hypnosis in her article “When the therapeutic hypnosis encounters infertility, conception, pregnancy and childbirth without pain”.


Finally, we present the book: "Discipline without punishment" by Judy Arnall, from March editions.


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Book Presentation: Judy Arnall: «Discipline Without Punishment» by Era Moulaki

I read many books regarding how parents can raise and behave to their children, but this book caught my attention, because it differentiates between punishment and discipline and especially because it is based on the attachment theory.

All parents love their children and want the best for them, but while trying to set boundaries and eliminate unwanted behaviors, being exhausted form everyday life, make mistakes and miss the appropriate way to say things.

Listen, Hear, Speak

Over the years I have sustained an interest in client voices and the importance of the expertise they bring to therapy (Anderson & Goolishian, 1992). This interest came from my clinical experiences and in what I refer to as a collection of assumptions related to social construction theory and postmodern philosophy. Clinically, I was curious about clients’ experiences and descriptions of successful and unsuccessful therapy: the process of the therapy and the relationship with the therapist (Anderson, 1997).

When therapeutic hypnosis meets infertility, conception, pregnancy and painfree birth

A small journey.

Therapeutic hypnosis history is literally lost in the beginnings of time. It is registered in different areas all over the world: references of hypnosis are found in Hebrew scrolls, in texts in India and ancient Egypt along with the ancient Greece. Especially in Greece, in the holy temples of Asclepius (Asklipeia) but also in other therapeutic temples, the pilgrims experienced the “egkoimis”: a therapeutic sleep, during which, a lucid apocalyptic dream offered information about the appropriate course of therapy.

Family mediation: the best way of resolving family disputes

What is family mediation?

Family Mediation is the alternative, out-of-court way of resolving family disputes, which is now possible also in Greece, following the introduction of mediation by means of Law Nr. 3898/2010.

Family Mediation is a process in which the parties to the dispute take part voluntarily, in order to resolve their personal and financial differences and to reach a viable solution, with the help and contribution of a third, neutral, party, the mediator.


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