Antigone Oreopoulou studied Biology at the University of Thessaloniki, Greece. She obtained her first graduate degree (M.Sc.) from the Medical School of the  University of Toronto on Nutritional Sciences and her second one (M.A.) on Psychology, from the University of Indianapolis. She has been trained on body Psychotherapy (biosynthesis), both as a therapist and as a supervisor, on therapeutic hypnosis (Ericksonian method), on trauma therapy, on EMDR and on Bioenergetics. She is also trained on reiki and pranic healing.

She has written books for parents and for children and her work is mainly focused on all expressions of parenthood from infertility and conception until the end of puberty.

For more than 20 years she has supported more than 5000 women and men, both in Greece and abroad, in their journey towards parenthood. Her goal is to create a relationship full of love, acceptance and respect with their child from the moment of conception until the end of puberty, She is focused on the holistic connection with the child and she educates parents and future parents to learn how to communicate in a holistic way with their child (from the first day, bodily, mentally, emotionally, energically and spiritually). She considers the birth procedure very important, since she believes that our birth has a very important and definite role on how we view and cope with the world.

The last 10 years she trains health professionals both in Greece and abroad in order to incorporate the body and the energy in their professional practice and be able to communicate deeply and effectively with patients and children.

When therapeutic hypnosis meets infertility, conception, pregnancy and painfree birth

A small journey.

Therapeutic hypnosis history is literally lost in the beginnings of time. It is registered in different areas all over the world: references of hypnosis are found in Hebrew scrolls, in texts in India and ancient Egypt along with the ancient Greece. Especially in Greece, in the holy temples of Asclepius (Asklipeia) but also in other therapeutic temples, the pilgrims experienced the “egkoimis”: a therapeutic sleep, during which, a lucid apocalyptic dream offered information about the appropriate course of therapy.


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