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Psychological Opinions is an on-line magazine, published quarterly. It aims to connect mental health professionals throughout the world by publishing scientific articles and opinions, dealing with a variety of mental health issues.


Psychological Opinions aims to keep you informed of any upcoming workshops, seminars or conferences taking place in Greece or abroad. We will be happy to receive and publish information on events relating to mental health matters.


We will also publish requests for collaboration between mental health professionals (e.g., co-therapy, workplace sharing etc.).


We do hope that you enjoyed browsing our e-magazine and found the published articles helpful and interesting! In the last pages of each issue you’ll find CVs of all contributing authors, as well professional contact information.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible contributing my article to “Psychological Opinions”?
Any mental health professional is eligible to publish articles in “Psychological Opinions”, as long as a resume and a face photo are attached. “Psychological Opinions” is not responsible for the opinions expressed by various authors or writers. A complete or selective listing of documents used as references is encouraged to be stated as research guidance for future readers.
Can I contribute a second article?
We do encourage originality in the choice of the published topics coming from a variety of authors. Nevertheless, every article is welcome and accepted. Try to suggest articles that are consistent with the thematic of the available issue. Consequently, we might not be able to immediately post your uploaded submission, but if deemed capable for publication you’ll be informed through e-mail.
Can I suggest relevant bibliography or make a book presentation?
We are interested in posting any information regarding a book, a script or an article you may find helpful or/and interesting. You may recommend it as its reader or as its author. It would be advised to state the reasons of your suggestion by simply attaching a small paragraph, unfolding your considerations and thoughts behind the proposed text.
Can I upload information regarding a future workshop, conference or seminar event?
Contributing information regarding future conferences, seminars or events which might be of particular interest and is not included under the “conferences” section tab, is always welcome. Please bear in mind to include additional details to your post such as title, venues, dates as well as possible costs. Posts with off-topic content will be rejected.

Important Notice (Disclaimer Notice)

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